Best Ways to Lose Weight by Yoga in 1 Month – Part 1 (2020)

Last Updated on October 28, 2020

Tired doing yoga and not getting results, Hey this is ketoians here and In this article, we are going to know about the best ways to lose weight by yoga in 1 month. We have done comprehensive research in finding the best yoga postures to lose weight and came up with the best results. Read the article till last to get more from it.

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Before beginning up with the yoga postures for weight loss, Let us Know more about yoga and How it will help us to lose weight fast and easy.

We are also going to provide the most frequently asked question (FAQ) such as “Is yoga good for weight loss ” and so on. So, stay attached to articles to clear the confusion strikes in your mind about yoga for weight loss

There are many types of Weight loss yoga postures but yoga is not built for weight loss it only just burn some calories out and It basically benefits a person in mindfulness and awareness

But, There are some of the best yoga postures that will work in your weight loss journey. I will list up some of the best yoga that will help you out the maximum in weight loss

How does yoga help in weight loss?

Yoga can definitely help you in weight loss but the condition is that you should have a proper diet with you. Personally, I will recommend the custom keto diet because It is customized according to your body and you can also customize the eatables from your own

Yoga is one of the best and oldest ways to keep your body fit and for great flexibleness. Yoga not only helps your body to lose weight other than that It also helps in toning the muscles

But, there is the main condition to lose weight by yoga, If you eat more than your BMR you’ll get fatter day by day, and If you eat less than your BMR you get skinny day by day. So, Be adjusted with your BMR to get the best results

How to start yoga at home for beginners – IMPORTANT TIPS

Search for a good Yoga Teacher

start yoga at home for beginners

This is one of the hardest and important tasks to complete as per my experience. Find the type of yoga teacher who understands your type of body and flexibility because It is all about the correct posture yoga will only provide you results If you do them In a correct posture

If you don’t find any yoga teacher near you and you want to lose weight by yoga in 1 month then I’ll suggest you be your own teacher by accessing this FULL Yoga 12-Week Yoga burn challenge. You’ll gain sufficient methods to try more advanced yoga and can practice this yoga mentioned below


How breathe helps in yoga

Breathe plays a very important role in yoga and meditation. Breathing deeply relaxes your mind and helps to provide a kick start-up to your meditation and Yoga.

Before starting any yoga you should do meditation or take a deep breath in and out. This helps your body to relax and get ready for yoga because yoga needs mind stability and balance

Stay consistent and focused

Without staying consistent and focused you can’t get results using yoga because It takes time to lose weight and gain flexibility. To stay consistent and focused I recommend you set smaller goals on different dates that you have to achieve those goals in a particular period of time.

This is the basic technique that I use to set up my goals for my weight loss journey. I lose weight only using yoga and a proper custom keto diet

So these are the main 3-Important tips that you should care about before losing weight using yoga

Here are some of the Most helpful Yoga to lose weight quickly

High Side Planks

Benefits of Side Plank, The Side Plank

If you know something about Workouts and Exercises. Side Planks are one of the best exercises to lose weight by yoga. It targets obliques and Obliques are one of the fat consuming areas in your belly or abdominal

Side planks helps to improve your core and arm strength and also helps in weight loss

Bhujangasana (Cobra Stretch pose)

benefits of Bhujangasana, Benefits of Cobra Stretch, The Cobra Stretch

Bhujangasana Yoga pose is also known as cobra stretch. It is the best yoga pose for relaxing your lower back and stretching your abdominals. I will suggest you have 3 Sets of Cobra Stretching as a beginner of 1 minute each.

As per my personal opinion, you should always do these two exercises Cobra stretch and side planks to start getting results of yoga to lose weight in 10 days

Kumbhakasana (High Plank)

Benefits of Kumbhakasana, Benefits of High Plank, The High Plank

Kumbhakasana also known as High Planks. High plank not only helps you to lose weight but It also helps you to strengthen your abdominals, Improving and building your muscles and developing your spinal cord strength and enhances your body-postures

The Warrior Pose – 2 (Veerabhadrasana)

Benefits of Warrior Pose 2, Benefits of Veerabhadrasana, The Warrior Pose 2

The Warrior Pose – 2 has many benefits such as Relaxes and opens your chest and lungs, Energize tired limbs, Improves your body balance and stability, Helps to improve the digestion process and abdominals organs and most asked question it also helps to lose weight fast

Sethubandhasana (The Bridge Pose)

benefits of Sethubandhasana, benefits of Bridge pose, The Bridge Pose

There are many benefits of Sethubandhasana (The Bridge Pose) and It is also one of the best ways to lose weight by yoga If done in the correct way. Some of the benefits of bridge pose are as follows: It Spurs the lungs, thyroid glands, and abdominal organs, Improves blood circulation, Enhances the Digestion process, It is one of the master yoga for weight loss

These are some of the best yoga postures that you should try to lose weight by yoga in 1 month

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Is yoga good for weight loss?

Yes, Yoga is good for weight loss. But, yoga has built for different purpose there are some yoga postures which actually burn some weight and some of the yoga postures work well for weight loss. Yoga’s purpose is to give a deep relaxation to your mind and provide you great flexibility.

Can We use Yoga to lose weight in 10 Days?

Honestly, Yoga is a time taking process because It renews your body from the roots and It takes time but there are some of the yoga postures that can show you results within 10 days of daily yoga such as High Planks (3-Sets: 2-Minute), Side Planks (3-Sets: 1-Minute) and you can read above for more…

Can yoga help with weight loss and toning?

Yes, Yoga helps in weight loss and toning. If you take a proper diet such as a custom keto diet or ketogenic diet and regularly do the yoga provided above you can have a Lean muscular body.

If some question are getting missed out comment below to ask. I’ll answer your question within 1 day


I conclude my article by saying one word that staying consistent and focused is the only main thing to achieve anything in life. So, If you want to lose weight in 1 month then follow all the Yoga postures from today to get better tomorrow. If you want more updates on diet and yoga you can Follow my Instagram and Twitter profile: @ketoians. Comment If have any confusion. Thanks for your attention

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