10 Amazing Cardio workouts for Weight Loss provides Marvelous outcomes

Last Updated on December 1, 2020

No matter How great your diet is? If you have a perfect diet for yourself but not having sufficient knowledge about Workouts and Cardio, Then you all money gonna waste. In this blog, I am going to list up the best cardio workouts for weight loss as a beginner which will help you a lot in your weight loss journey

Other than losing weight with the help of cardio workouts, there are many benefits of doing cardio and strength training. Some of the Best Benefits are mentioned below

  •  Enhances heart rate and Regulates Blood Sugar 
  •  Boost up Brainpower and Immune power 
  •  Reduces Asthma Symptoms
  •  Improve Cardiovascularly health 
  •  Reduce Depression and fatigue 
  •  Improve metabolism
10 Amazing Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

There are many types of cardiovascular training levels such as Low Intensity: Long Duration, Medium Intensity: Medium Duration, High-Density: Short Duration in this tutorial we are going to talk about that easiest on the simplest cardio training for weight loss


How running helps in weight loss, cardio workouts for weight loss, cardio workouts

Running is one of the simplest and easiest cardio workouts for weight loss Other than weight loss running has its own benefits such as it increases your lungs capacity and makes lungs healthier and also give a boost to Cardiovascular health and It also helps to lower the blood pressure

How does running help in weight loss?

The prime and most prominent of all benefits is that you can burn a lot of calories while running. It was found in a study that running on a moderate-intensity burn roughly around 20% more fat in a 30-minute workout

Running Stairs

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Running stairs builds aerobic capacity and develop your overall health. If you are running sort of time and want to create better health or fitness for your body running stairs is one of the great and best choices to maintain your body and be fit

If you don’t have much time to go GYM or do Workouts then you can do stair running or if you also don’t have time for running. Then stair running will be a great choice for you to lose weight easily and it also decreases the chances of heart strokes. 20-Minute running will be a great choice for easy and good cardio workouts for weight loss.

Does running up the stairs cause miscarriage?

Yes If done with Excessive loads, as well as bending or climbing regularly, can increase your chances of miscarriage or preterm labor.

What to eat before running stairs?

It is just simple and easy If you are starting with simple stairs run then 2 bananas before running stairs for energy and after running you can take 1/2 Litre of water to remunerate for the loss of fluid and water. You can exceed the amount of intake If you are doing it strongly

Will Running Stairs will target muscles or build muscles

Yes, Running stairs target some large muscles such as the Quad, Glutes, Calves, and also builds up your strength and power. If you run on a regular basis then you can get a good posture for your body


How push ups helps in weight loss, Lose belly fat, How cardio help in weight loss

Push-Ups are one of the best and great weight loss exercise because It targets various muscles parts of the body such as Chests, Triceps, Shoulder, and Core of the body. Which makes it one of the best cardio workouts for weight loss.

Why Push-Ups are so good?

Push-Ups has many benefits such as Push-Ups are a great way to strengthen your body as It targets Chest Muscles, Shoulder muscles, Triceps muscles, and Abdominal muscles (ABS). It also helps to improve body posture if done in the correct way.

Jumping Rope

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Jumping rope is a full-body workout. Which averagely burns 500-600 calories. For an average person jumping rope can burn upto 10 calories/minute. Jumping rope has many benefits some are mentioned below:

  • It helps to tone your calves
  • It helps to tighten your core and sustain your posture
  • Exceeds your lungs capability
  • Increases and builds Stamina

Why is jumping rope so good?

Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories, including those that are stored as fat. As the heart rate and respiration increase, all muscles are used because they need oxygen.

Can Jumping rope make you taller?

No, Jumping doesn’t makes you taller but It makes your core strength and It improves vertical jump including jump in height


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Burpees are unique exercise because It targets your whole body and No isolation exercises can offer the same benefits.

Burpees will simultaneously build functional strength and aerobic fitness and can be applied in many different ways to provide a superb workout on their own. There are not many other movements which will work the upper, lower, and core region of the body together developing a greater synergy between your upper and lower body.

Will Burpees burn fat?

The great thing about burpees is that they involve so many muscles and that the positions change so quickly that the cardiovascular system is strained. In addition to being an excellent strength training exercise, the Burpee is one of the excellent cardio workouts for weight loss. Thus, this exercise is as effective for muscle building as it is for burning fat and improving endurance. However, you have to know how to build training programs if you really want to progress through the Burpees.


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Leg exercise can be difficult, but lunges are some of the easiest and most effective ways to shape and tone the different muscle groups in the legs. Quite simply, the lunges are performed by taking a big step forward with one leg, keeping the foot flat on the ground, leaving the other leg behind. This seemingly simple exercise is more difficult than it might seem at first but can work in various areas near the buttocks, hip, knee, calf, and thigh.

Benefits of Lunges

Increase core strength

Many people choose this exercise because of the effect it has on core strength. There is a lot of core work in your abdomen and back to keep you upright and balanced while completing a lunge. Repeated use of lunge exercises will improve your posture and endurance while increasing abdominal strength and definition.

Quadriceps training

These large muscles in your legs are needed for countless daily activities, especially those involved in athletic performance. This exercise works on both your quads and hamstrings, helping to keep your legs strong and reduce the risk of injury.

Maintain balance

These exercises are perhaps the best known for improving balance. The movement of a lunge is unusual for the body, and it must carefully maintain its balance, which engages the muscles in the legs and back.

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Benefits of Step ups, How to lose weight using step ups

It is one of the High Intense Cardio Workout without putting stress on the joints. Step-Ups has many benefits rather than weight loss such as It helps to build your Legs Strength (Targeted Parts: Quad, Glutes, Calves, and Hamstrings), Boosting Up your Cardiovascular Health

Are Step Ups Good for your Bum?

Yes, Step Ups are good for your Bum(Glutes). If you want better results for your Bum(Glutes) then the Higher Step-Ups Box will be The Results for Bum(Glutes) will be extra effective, And the Lower the Box will be The Results for Calves and Quads will be extra effective.

Will Step Ups Build Muscles?

Yes, Step-Ups build specially target leg muscles such as Quadriceps, Calves, Glutes, and Hamstrings. These are the only muscles which get targeted by Step-Ups

How many Step Ups in a Minute?

Step-Ups Reps get on the basics of the person strength but as to just get you should have (3 Sets | 10-12 Reps Each Side), Intermediate should have (4 Sets | 12-15 Reps Each Side), and Advanced should have (5 Sets | 15-20 Reps Each Side).

Mountain Climbers

How to lose weight using mountain climbers, HIIT workouts, Easy weight loss

Mountain Climbers is one of the Best HIIT cardio workouts for weight loss. It is a very easy cardio workout but very energy-consuming. Mountain Climber targets various muscles other than Fat Loss. Some of the Muscles Targeted by mountain climbers are Deltoids, Chest, Triceps, Biceps, Obliques, Abdominal, Quads, Hamstrings, and many more…

How many mountain climbers should I do?

If you just starting with mountain climbers then (3 Sets | 10-15 Reps), Intermediate (4 Sets | 15-20 Reps), and Advanced (5 Sets | 25+). Just Follow up the Sets with the Reps to get the most reliable results at your level.

Can Mountain Climbers cause Backpain?

No, Mountain Climbers doesn’t cause Backpain to the Body. The more fast the HIIT Mountain climbers will be the more effective it will perform to build muscles and lose weight.

How to do Mountain Climbers Easily in Just 3 Steps

Some people make mistakes while doing mountain climbers and If these workouts not done in a correct posture then you’ll have no benefits of these. So, here I am going to make you learn How to do perfect Mountain Climbers Easily in Just 3 Steps

3 Steps to do Mountain Climbers Easily

  1. Start your body with a straight line form and Hands should be slightly wider than the Shoulder
  2. Bring one knee up towards the middle of the stomach and then instantly alternate between the legs.
  3. Continue alternating until the game is finished.


How to lose weight by boxing, Best cardio workouts for weight loss

As per my personal reviews, Boxing is one of the very hard cardio workouts for weight loss but very effective for muscle building and weight loss. All you need to have a punching bag in your home to perform this workout. Let me show you How Boxing help in muscle building and weight loss.

Boxing has many benefits other than physical benefits it also has some mental benefits. Some of the Common benefits being noticed while boxing workouts are mentioned below…

  • Improves body balance
  • Helps to Improve Body Posture
  • Strengthens upper- body and core
  • Increases resistance
  • May boost alertness
  • Enhances mood
  • Develops hand-eye coordination

What Muscles do Boxing workout Target?

There are basically 3 groups of muscles which are targeted by boxing and They are Core(Abs and Obliques), Shoulders (Rotator Cuff, Trapezieuf), and Legs(Quadriceps)

How long we should do a boxing workout?

To get results in boxing, you have to do at least seven sessions a month with intensive training in each session. It is a good start to get in shape. Boxing allows you to exercise and release stress, so if you can spend more time in a boxing gym, all the better.

The goal is not to become the next Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather. But to advance faster if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to it, we advise you to do at least two workouts per week of at least 2 hours.

And if you really want to progress, you should do 3-5 workouts per week. Physical preparation is very important. Remember to alternate muscle strengthening exercises (triceps, biceps, pecs, glutes, quadriceps …) with simulated fights in the boxing ring to gain agility and endurance. Your boxing coach will be able to advise you on the best melee exercises to perfect your technique while respecting your learning pace.

On the other hand, remember to rest between each session, sleep well, and drink plenty of water.


How to lose weight by surya namaskar, Best cardio workout for weight loss, Surya Namaskar benefits

Sooryanamaskaar is an Indian Yoga and Workout and as per my personal opinion, it is one of the easiest cardio workouts for weight loss very which has many benefits such as It easily burns upto 13-15 calories. Get the best results in weight loss by adding up It in your daily routines Two times a day in Morning and Evening that’s all.

This Exercise is also known as “The Ultimate Asana” Which has many advantages It strengths your back, Frames up muscles, and Also Controls the Blood Sugar Levels.

Here are the Top Benefits that We get with regular Sooryanamaskaar Workout are mentioned below…

  • Helps Relax our Mind
  • Improves Flexibility
  • Helps burn Excess Fat
  • Helps build mental focus
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Improves the Function of Internal Organs
  • Improves Muscle Tone
  • Improves Posture
  • Helps to Cope with Insomnia
  • Strengths your body

When Surya namaskar should be done?

Basically, Surya namaskar should be done two times a day, Should be done early in the morning facing the rising sun, and Second during the sunset facing the pitch sun


In this article, We have learned about the best cardio workouts for weight loss and If you want to start up your weight loss journey and decided on great transformation then here I am linking up the best articles which you should read for getting a better physique and lose weight easily

Here are the two articles when you must read before starting up with cardio workouts for weight loss But, All over after so much workout the main part of your body is your diet. It is told that 70% is your diet and rests 30% is your workout. So here I am linking up the best article sources for creating your own diet at home.

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